The Saline County Golf Association conducts tournaments throughout the year that are competitive and fun for the participants-regardless of ability or previous tournament experience. Our goal is to promote the game of golf by offering tournament opportunities to the golf community of Saline County.

Entry Procedures
Entry procedures for SCGA events may vary slightly depending on the event, but a few important factors remain constant regardless of the event. A participant must be a Saline county resident OR a member of one of the three 18 hole Salina golf courses.  Additionally, entry forms must be received by SCGA in the mail at PO Box 1083 Salina, KS 67402-1083 in order for the entry to be accepted.

SCGA Board
If you have any comments or concerns, they may be brought to the attention of one of following the SCGA board members at any time.

  • Eric Holmes – President
  • Kevin Quinley
  • Andrew Manley

SCGA Rules Committee
If a ruling is needed during competition that is not clearly defined by the USGA rules of golf, local rule, or any applicable rule due to the conditions of play, the SCGA Rules Committee will make the final ruling.  Please play 2 balls if a ruling is in question, and present your case to one of the members of the SCGA Rules Committee.  Any member may make a ruling without consulting the rest of the committee, unless a conflict of interest is present.  If needed, or requested, the committee may meet to make final ruling.  If at anytime a ruling directly involves a member of the SCGA Rules Committee, they must abstain from voting.

  • Kevin Quinley
  • Eric Holmes
  • Andrew Manley
  • Sean Robertson
  • Designated Member of Host Course

Contact Information